flood of glory

 I feel like a leaky faucet, I've been crying so much lately...for the orphans in need of loving arms that never leave, for the hungry, for the homeless, for the hurting.  For vision, for a world mission, for those that have never heard the name of Jesus, for God to do the impossible in me and through me.

My heart feels like a dam that's burst and I can't repair the walls, I can only let it flood.

I just feel so disillusioned with a society that values possessions over people, selfishness over true servanthood.  I feel the tug of war in my own soul.

And the prayer my tears are wrenching from that place so deep where my soul lies:

God, please, don't let me live only for myself.  Somehow, some way, Lord, let me bring you glory.

And then there's a letting go.  Letting go of that one thing that vies with heaven for the glory.  The only thing that has ever and will ever stand between me and God glorified alone.  And it's me.  My plans, my will, my pride, my self, my own preservation.

Lord Jesus, make me less, so that you can become so much more...


Southern Gal said...

Joye, your heartfelt prayers make me weep. I know God is pleased with them.

Linda said...

A humble and contrite heart before God is a beautiful thing. This is my prayer too Joye!

Love, Linda

Mary said...

Lord, empty us of ourselves and fill us with You!

Melissa said...

Beautiful. Thank you for the reminder.

Olivia Grace said...

Exactly what I needed to read today, thank you for this.

Purposely at Home said...

such powerful words....thank you for them.

just found your blog and am your 540th. ;) hope you are having a blessed weekend!


Purposely at Home said...

your comment you left on my blog totally made my day...thank you! ;) hope you are having a great Lord's day.


Candace Stevenson said...

you're a sweet little thing! we can all just do what we can and you're doing great so far it seems! Keep up that coveted humility

Lovely Little Rants

ginanorma said...

Oh boy this is good , I am so grateful to have met you now...
I am going to be writing for Beautifully Rooted, a new website that Heather from Life made Lovely is starting and my first piece sounds a lot like some of what you wrote, this is so so beautiful, yes LORD, THIS IS MY PRAYER TOO

and I love love love your header, and what it says!!!


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