A new website for women and a Happy Valentine's Day

I've been dying to share this news with you:

There's a brand NEW, amazing, and just downright LOVELY
and today is it's LAUNCH DAY!

Will you visit me over there?
I'm sharing what's on my heart along with
many other inspired women and
our prayer is that God will use us, you, me-- 
His daughters--
to bring Him glory
in every unique way.


I love everything about this site.
It feels like a warm hug,
a conversation over coffee,
a faith-filled, inviting, and creative home
where we can inspire and encourage one another.

It's pretty wonderful.

Have a Lovely Valentine's Day, friends!
In all mushiness, I heart you.

We have grand plans today to make red velvet cupcakes
and swap valentine's cards,
eat lots of candy hearts 
and sip on strawberry milk.


Breeann said...

Does it not launch until midnight? It said I didn't have permission to access it...

BARBIE said...

I tried to visit, but it won't let me. Says I don't have access. Bummer!

Anonymous said...

SO excited to have you as part.
You are an inspiration.

Joyeful said...

Ooops so sorry Breeann and Barbie! It's launched after midnight! Now you should be able to view it!

Southern Gal said...

I just saw this at Heather's place. I'll be by to visit!

ginanorma said...

Yay! It's exciting! Cutie post cutie adorable you! Strawberry milk huh?! hehe
Happy Valentine's Day !!! XO

contentedsparrow said...

glad to be journeying with you, girlie.

carissa at lowercase letters said...

can i just say i'm so dang excited about this new site? it's gorgeous and the contributors are amazing. cause you're one of them! : )

Danice said...

It an honor to be journeying with you...isn't it fun to make new friends! And our kids are similar ages, though I don't have twins!...Thank you for your love for Jesus and how boldly you glorify Him in your writing! it's nice to meet you, Joye!


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