Independence Day and a camp

We love Independence Day.
Like break out all the cheesy red, white, and blue clothes in the closet kinda love.
We wave flags and break into piggy banks to buy the loudest and most annoying firecrackers available.
First thing in the morning, we played a game of good 'ole American baseball with the whole family.
Joel grilled hotdogs (and asparagus to make it healthy, ya'all) in the rain.
And there's nothing I love more than fourth of July desserts.
But my oven decided to start sending out SOS smoke signals and I had to resort to wild berry sorbet and ginger ale punch instead (because they were kinda red).

It was grand.

And the next morning the kids and I woke up early to go to a three day Classical Conversations Camp.
Which is amazing, by the way.
Classical Conversations is a community for home educators to teach their children classical education through once a week tutor-led classes and weekly home curriculum during the school year.
It's a wonderful way to be accountable and to be equipped and to learn how to glorify God together as a family and as individuals.

I'm learning how to conjugate latin sentences.
Never imagined that sentence would ever cross my lips.
God is stretching me.
And More.
Still more.
But along with the stretching, I'm also encouraged.
Encouraged that I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me.
I forget this.
Nothing has brought me to my knees, falling at Jesus' feet more than mothering four children.
I need Jesus all the time.
And homeschooling is one of those areas in which I need him the most.
I need His creativity, His wisdom, His compassion, His patience, His direction.
And He's available to me.
I can do all things through Christ.
I needed this reminder.


PONY+MAUDE said...

Oh yeah for classical conversations! we don't have a group near here. but our own classical curriculum has started to come in bit by bit! yes...stretched!!! :)

Mary said...

that group sounds really interesting.
we don't have anything like that around here.
and YES! were it not for and by the grace of God, home schooling would be IMPOSSIBLE for me. :)

Stephanie said...

I was just having a conversation with a dear friend the other day about how I never realized how selfish I was until I became a mom. Motherhood teaches me more about His grace and my need for it than anything else ever has in my life. And it stretches me in ways I never imagined - but I'm thankful for it because I know that He is using some of the painful stretching times and the hard mothering moments to make me more like Him.

his little lady said...

what a beautiful post! and these images make the whole celebration look like so much fun! perfect :)
xo TJ


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