beach lovin'

We are beach goin', beach lovin', splash yourself happy, and sand rovin' kinda people.

The next best thing to the "real" ocean beach is the kind you find at the lake just down the road from your house.

On a tiny little island that is most likely infested with alligators.

Oh, but that's completely normal for Louisiana.  No big deal.

I try not to think about it.

And as long as I don't think about it, it's like our own little paradise (for those few seconds I don't think about it).

The kids love it.  It's just shallow enough that they can swim around without their lifejackets on and that spells absolute freedom for our kids.

They catch fish and crabs, hunt for shrimp, and jump off the boat.

I'm afraid of fish.  I hate the thought of them swimming around me, nibbling at my toes or trying to bite my fingers off.  Crabs are even more terrifying.  I love the water and I love to swim, it's just that the whole time I'm in the water I'm splashing around like a banshee, trying to scare every living thing away.

It's pretty ridiculous.

Not as ridiculous as the kick Joel gets out of scaring me every time I'm in the water.

Now that's ridiculous.

It was a perfectly sunny, sandy Saturday.

A spontaneous family memory.

I'm staring to really appreciate how flexible our family is.  We had planned on having our daddy home for the weekend but he got called in on Sunday and Saturday ended up being our one full day with him.

I'm so glad we went to the beach when we had the itch to and didn't waste a minute.


Southern Gal said...

A great way to spend the one day you had. We're beach lovin' people, too. Our annual vacation always happens at the seashore. And around here it's sharks that terrify me. JAWS ruined me when I was 12 years old. I had a hard time getting in the bathtub after that. I totally understand your fears!

Mamasita said...

What a beautiful day!!! :) So glad you got to enjoy it!
blessings to you friend,

Bethany said...

Yep, I don't like the ocean or lakes because of this fear. I tell the kids that's why God made pools. :) Still, it looks beautiful... I always think I like the look of going to the beach. But, then when I'm there I'm always worried about what's going to eat me (or my kids) alive.

Penny said...

Love. =) And yep to the alligators...and snakes and all sorts of buggers. Lol! But it's so nice to just chill by any body of water...ocean...lake...pond...

Heather @ Life Made Lovely said...

such wonderful moments captured!
and girl, i would be flailing around like a crazy person in that water, too. i'm just sayin. ;)

Mary said...

beautiful memories.
yay for spontaneity!

PONY+MAUDE said...

yeah, i have watched one to many swamp people to enjoy this. lol! :) happy 4th!

amy D said...

looks like a super fun day :) and i'm loving your quilt!!! so pretty :)


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