why not

why not  >>--->

>>---> have a shaving cream fight?
>>---> go to a beach
>>---> make homemade waffle cones with the kids
>>---> eat on the porch swing
>>---> lick chocolate baby fingers
>>---> swim in a pool full of kids (anywhere from four to eight)
>>---> beat the heat with a watermelon treat
>>---> hug a puppy
>>---> eat lots of neapolitan ice cream

                                           >>---> feel blessed and so very thankful!


nicole said...

why not indeed.

Southern Gal said...

What a fun filled summer. You're creating memories so well. Have you heard of this game?

I'm trying to talk my 10 year old into playing it with some friends. I'll even play it!

Our granddaughter, Ava, arrived Sunday. I have posted pictures if you'd like to see her. ;)

Kelly said...

Beautiful pictures!

Mary said...

oh i love this!
you inspire me to be a more fun mama!
the shaving cream kills me!
so cute!


Chatty Kathy said...

Your kids look like they are having a blast! The shaving cream fight looks especially fun. I remember being in one of those at youth camp, way back when I was teenager.


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