so glad you're mine

Today is your birthday.
And I'm so glad you're mine.

I remember the first time I wrote a list of everything I love about you on a t-shirt and sent it across the miles to you.

Then we got married and had kids (by the multitudes) and life got crazy-beautiful-crazy and we needed each other more than ever but we would crack sometimes under all the pressure.   It was easy to take you for granted.

That's when God reminded me of "the list".
He told me to start writing it again those years ago.
I did and it opened my eyes all the more to how blessed I am with you.
And everyday I look at you I'm reminded again.
Our kids are the loves of our lives, but before they came, there was just you.  and me.
And there still is and always will be. 

It's inexhaustible...the things I love about you.

Here are just a few of the ones I'm adding to that list (there's not time or space for all of them.  Oh, and how incredibly hot you are has already been mentioned several times in the first 100...it's a given)

101.  no matter how hard you work or how exhausted you are (and you work HARD) you always have time to tickle your kids, wrestle with them and give them your attention

102.  you make me feel beautiful all the time

103.  you always encourage me

104.  only you can make me smile when I feel like crying

105.  you skip with your daughter

106.  your faithfulness to God, your family, and friends

107.  you give without hesitating

108.  you forget wrongs done to you

109.  and forgive twice as easily

110.  you've taught me so much about grace

111.  truthful to a fault

112.  you still see me through rose colored glasses

113.  you are a 100%, all or nothing kind of guy

114.  you smile with your eyes

115.  and those eyes are the color of the sea

116.  you can cook better than I can

117.  you've learned to be discreet about that fact

118.  you spend every single free moment you have with your family

119.  you are adventure

120.  you can fix anything

121.  including things I forget/lose/lock in the car

122.   you accept everyone

123.  you know who you are

124.  you drop everything to help someone else

125.  you don't believe people can't change and you're always willing to do so

126.  you are unwavering in your parenting and you are a rock for your family

127.  you play on an old no-name guitar b/c you gave all your good ones away

128.  just because God told you to

129.  I never know what to expect with you

130.  but I always get the best

To be continued...for as long as we live
(but at the moment I have to rescue our kids from the pool)

I love you, baby, with all my heart and soul!


Melissa Riche said...


Linda said...

Happy Birthday to Joel. You two are so blessed to have the Lord...and each other...and those amazing kiddos!

God's continued blessings!


vintage grey said...

Happy Birthday to your husband!! Such a sweet post!! xo Heather

Anonymous said...

I hope he has a blessed birthday!!! This list is so wonderful!!! Aw.


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