the beginning of story's quilt...

I think I needed this. 

Something new and creative and beautiful to think about and occupy my (itsy bitsy teeny weeny hardly squeeze a penny in) time.

I thrive on creating.  It de-stresses me and that is sure to get a loud and hearty AMEN from my family (anything to de-stress this emotional mamma in her third trimester).  

I've cried more in these past three or four weeks than in the months of this pregnancy combined.
Partly due to the stress of my husbands work schedule:  seven days a week, twelve hours a day.
Partly due to beginning a new homeschool year.
Partly due to raising four kids and carrying a fifth.
Partly due to the fact that I'm coming down with a real crummy cold.
And I suspect some of it is lovely pregnancy hormones as well.

I don't like the weepies.

But I do like fabric.

Lots of pretty vintage fabric that can't talk back and isn't in the least bit demanding.

So, I raided my fabric stash and I pulled out all the colors I love the best (which is all of them, pretty much) and threw in a lot of old with a little new and I started cutting happy little four inch squares (this is therapy, remember), and sorted them into happy color coded piles.

And may I say I have NO. CLUE. WHAT. I'M. DOING.

But it's been fun so far...

I'm kind of going for that eclectic, "endless story", kind of quilt.

I guess the next step is arranging them in the order I want and then sewing them together.

Can't be too hard, right?

Just nod.  Indulge me here.

I'm a happy quilter wanna-be.


Kelly said...

my grandmother always made it look easy. ;)
it will be wonderful!

Laura said...

oh, my. it's gonna be such a treasure for her:).

vintage grey said...

What beautiful vintage fabrics!! It is going to be such a beautiful patchwork quilt!! Quilting is so much fun, and this will be such a precious treasure to have and snuggle with! Blessings, and happy sewing! xo Heather

Melodee said...

how sweet and what cute fabric you have there!!

Mary said...

ooooh! its gonna be so GREAT!!!! :)

Rachel~Wildflower Photography Studio and a little bit vintage said...

love, love, love the fabric! can't want to see the end result! :)

katie said...

And as for the weepies, not having any dishwasher soap or hand soap today set me off. We are expecting our seventh in 11 weeks and this time around the hormones have had their fun with me. I know how you feel. Hang in there. Good luck quilting.


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