Hurricane Isaac: The aftermath

LaPlace, Louisiana, just miles from Joel's parent's house
photo source: facebook  
Boats rescuing people from their flooded homes
photo source:  www.nola.com
LaPlace subdivision
photo source:  www.nola.com

LifeHouse Church in Reserve where Joel and I were married
photo source: facebook
Our friend Darren assessing the damage in LifeHouse Church
photo source: www.nola.com

Hurricane Isaac hit on the seventh anniversary of Hurricane Katrina and the damage is no less.
New Orleans managed to escape the worst of it this time, but flood waters surged into thousands of homes in surrounding areas.  And the water is still high.  LaPlace, Louisiana and Reserve, where my husband grew up, were hit especially hard.  Joel's parent's home was just barely high enough to escape the flood waters but many of our friends and neighbors were not so fortunate.  

LifeHouse Church in Reserve, where Joel and I were married, is still six inches deep in water.  Please pray for this church family as they face extensive rebuilding of not only their sanctuary but many church member's homes as well. 

Our home is dry and safe and the only real inconvenience we experienced was loss of power for five days.  Considering all that so many others went through, this was so little of an inconvenience.  I did end up taking my kids to our Aunt Peggy's house Friday night to escape the intense heat and humidity. Being pregnant without air conditioning in southern Louisiana was harder on me than I expected.  We're so spoiled!  I've been having contractions at night and someone mentioned that the low pressure of the hurricane might be the cause.  

Please keep the flood victims in your prayers and if you would like to help, you can donate online to the Salvation Army, Red Cross, and Samaritan's Purse.  These organizations are always the first to respond with immediate relief.  So many families are displaced right now, and have nothing but the clothes on their backs.  It breaks my heart.  

>>If you live in this area and know of someone that needs a place to stay, please e-mail me (link to e-mail on the right hand side by clicking "write me")<<


Kelly said...

this breaks my heart. i'm praying joye.

Anonymous said...

Wow. That is terrible. As someone who went through Hurricane Irene last year, I understand how horrible this is. My parents lost loads during the flood and we saw so many people lose their entire homes and had them condemned and had no where to live for quite a long time. It is wonderful how Samaritan's Purse helps people out so much, as well as the other organizations (I just love Samaritan's Purse in general haha).

I hope the waters die down soon!!! Goodness this is sad.

vintage grey said...

Will be keeping these families and areas in my prayers! So hard. Blessings, Heather

Sarah Ann said...

This is so rough. Prayers and thoughts go out to those affected!

Southern Gal said...

That's so devastating, but there is hope in the Lord. Praying.

Linda said...

I am sorry to hear this and see this Joye. I will be praying for the people in Louisiana. It is so very sad! Praying for you and the baby Joye!

Love, Linda @ Truthful Tidbits

Leslie @ top of the page said...

I really appreciate your sharing this. We don't watch the news (at least in SoCal, its basically crime entertainment, too dramatic and NOT news worthy, usually) so I appreciate genuine glimpses into situations that need prayer. It is heart breaking. Praying God will be glorified through this disaster.

Anonymous said...

I try and pray all the time for things like this. I'm only on the website for homework (still at Secondary) and am pleased to have found it. Will definitely be adding it to my bookmarks.
Hope all goes well with the baby and a miracle takes place.


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