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It wasn't pretty, the scene in my house tonight.  
It was nearly nine o'clock and my kitchen still mocked me with it's dirty dishes stacked on every surface, my house was nearly shouting in disarray.  

I was going through the motions of cleaning, but inside my voice matched the frenzied state of my home.  My whole body was moaning with frustration at the unfairness of motherhood and just life in general.  I didn't take joy in putting my kids to sleep, in fact it's been quite a few weeks since I haven't thought of it as a dreaded chore.  By bedtime, I've spent every last piece of myself.  And now here I was, at my dirty sink, complaining.  Quietly crying tears of self-pity.  Angry with myself for not having it all together, for not being a more grateful, more cheerful, serene, and happy mom.  Absolutely despising myself for yelling at my children, for being too emotional, for not being able to control the chaos of child rearing.

Then there's a knock at my door.
I take a deep breath and answer.

My dear neighbor friends are there, on my doorstep, with a hot teapot and gentle smiles.

"We thought you might like some tea on the porch tonight?"

And just like that, He's there.  Jesus showing up at my weakest moment.  

Reminding me that He still cares, still loves me and always will.   That He will go to such great lengths as invite me to tea, if that's what it takes to reach my heart.

"We hope you like chai."

And my eyes are welling up with tears because it's my favorite and He knew.

He knows me and He loves me.

And in the presence of two of His dearest daughters, I feel Him touch those deep heart wounds that have been crippling my faith and stealing my joy.

We talk and their words are healing.

Lynelle shares her story and I hear God confirming some of mine.

Orissa swirls the tea in her cup as she remembers what someone once shared with her:

We are like fine tea.  Crushed down to the finest grade.  Steeped in boiling water.  And just when the pressure gets the most intense, at that exact moment before the tea turns bitter, we're removed from the heat.  Because God knows how much we can take.  He knows how to bring out our most delicate and sweetest flavor.

We sip quietly in the night air, bruised tea bags not unaccustomed to heat, and Jesus reminds me of the aroma of such a life.  How pleasing the fragrance is to Him.  And I'm humbled and convicted and I remember that "He who promised is faithful".

We pray and I feel a burden lifted.  

I feel my joy being restored.

I feel so very loved.

And sometimes that makes all the difference in the world.

Jesus, thank you for your body, your family loving as you do.   Thank you for the obedience of the daughters you brought to my doorstep.  Thank you for blessing me with this gift of motherhood, this awesome ministry of discipling my children, the love of a good man, and the incredible and unmerited, extravagant love of a Saviour.  I am overwhelmed by the lengths you will go to just to show me how much you care for me.  
Completely yours.


Christy said...

What a beautiful expression of His love for us.

Southern Gal said...

Sweet friends. I'm so glad they were led by the Lord to visit and bring your favorite tea. It's mine, too. I'd love to share a cup of chai with you, Joye.

Mary said...

i SO love that He gives us these blessings, especially for us, JUST when we needed it.
our Father is so kind.

Amy said...

Joye, this is beautiful. Thank you for being real. I feel this way so often - crushed almost to breaking, but then in the end I'm grateful for the bruising because it leads me to Him. I'm so glad to know that I have other sisters who know Him this way. - Amy

vintage grey said...

Oh, how awesome is God to bless you with these sweet ladies, just when He knew you needed it. Thanks for always sharing your beautiful heart! Blessings, Heather

Cara H said...

I needed this. I love the analogy of tea, I feel I'm being steeped with my health and marriage right now and I just love when God shows us the way He loves us. Thank you for opening up and sharing this, it's so beautiful.

Tami Rebekah said...

So sweet I love this!!
Loving your blog!! New follower on BlogLovin!! Feel free to follow back!! Have a great weekend!


jacquelyn said...

I just stumbled upon your blog. Love what you wrote. Thanks for sharing!

Leslie @ top of the page said...

ah, joye this is such a beautiful testimony. yesterday in church our pastor reminded us that God's sovereignty is not just in KNOWING what our future is, but in working and coordinating things ahead of time so that our every need is met, people are mobilized, rescues are perfectly timed, and battles are won. i too am in awe of how specific and generous His love is for me, and how willing He is to use us when we are just broken pots. there is so much of His glory in your post.

B said...

this is such a beautiful, poetic post! i'm really praying for this kind of community to be around... i don't remember really the last time i just sat and talked to a friend in person... someone just dropping by to chat and see how i am... i have an e-mail chain going with a friend from college that just started recently... but other than that i'm pretty "friend-less" in the deeper friendship category.

this gave me hope that God truly knows and He will answer those prayers when the time is right... and maybe right now, He wants all my attention! so, THAT'S what He will get! :)

so thankful to be getting to know you through Mercy Triumphs & beautifully rooted!!

Becca said...

Oh I love this post and needed to read it today . . .


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