The Beautiful Life

Everyone must be teething.  They must be.  What else could explain why my little darlings have been so cross.  I must be teething, too.  Or at least acting like I am!  My patience is feeling very worn, I must confess.  So, I did what I always do on days like these:  packed 'em all up in the triple dipper stroller and hit the streets!  The beauty of spring soothed my frayed emotions like nothing else can.  My neighborhood is lovely.  My Jesus even more so.

The majesty of live oaks...this one is right across the street from our house.
We walk this sidewalk every day--our little secret passageway...

My Jesus,
I love the way you love me.  I love your gentle, unassuming presence.  Your soft eyes and radiant touch.  There is nothing harsh about you.  You're like the dawn--bathing the world in the tender light of your love.  You are beauty.  Perfect, timeless, captivating.  You draw my soul out of the darkness and into living color.  Out of the rush, the weariness, the monotony and into a hushed awe.  You urge my heart to soar.  And you promise to be my refuge.  My Live Oak.  My secret garden.  My life.

I love you, my Jesus.

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