Keepin' It Real

I feel like I need to make some disclaimers about this little bloggity blog...

Being new to the whole blogosphere, I have been completely overwhelmed by the absolutely amazing domestic divas that exist out there in cyberville.  See, I'm even learning the blog slang.  Yikes! I can learn a lot from these super moms.  And I want to learn a lot from them--because I want to be the best wife, mommy and happy little homemaker I can be.  My first reaction to all this information, though, I just have to admit, has been condemnation.  But, thank you, Jesus, He didn't let me stay there long.  I've come to accept that I'm not perfect, that I NEED Jesus!  Yes, there are habits He wants me to change, lessons He wants me to learn, but I will never be able to accomplish anything of eternal value in my own strength.  I can't do it.  And I only exhaust myself and everyone around me when I try to!  Jesus in me is my only hope of glory!  (Col. 1:27)

Phew.  It feels good to say that!  I think one of the most important character traits to me is transparency.  So I'm going to start a series of posting titled "Keepin' it Real Mondays".  (If this is already a series, let me know so I can change the title)  Every monday I'll be posting a little confession...or two...maybe three?  Don't worry--nothing heavy!  Not too messy.  Just real and hopefully relevant.

Here it goes:

Confession No.1:  My closets are potential lawsuits.  I cleaned my house like a frantic woman for the twin's birthday, but I was growing short on time (the party was for 2 and I was still cleaning at 1!)  I remembered reading in a magazine that over 60% of house guests peek in the hostesses' closest.  I freaked out.  How was I going to get my closet organized in time?  I know what you're thinking--I should have worked on that weeks ahead of time.  And I really did try to--but with twins and a toddler "helping" me--it only got worse!  Then I thought of just taping a sign to the door:


Or maybe this one would work better?


Confession No. 2:  Ummm....should I even mention what's under my beds?


Rachel said...

Joye! I love the idea! I think it's essential for women to "keep it real", especially with themselves! You have such a gift of writing, I'm enjoying reading your posts!

Summer said...

LOLOL...ok...seriously had me laughing out loud at this post!!! I do the SAME THING when I'm having a party! Just because you KNOW there will be that one "Nosy Neighbor" that just can't help themselves....sheesh...

I like the idea of "Keepin it Real Mondays".....being that I AM a sinner, I am constantly trying to better myself and know that I have a confession or FIVE that I could fess up to.....


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