Jesus and a boy

"Mommy, I see Jesus riding on the clouds."
My Lil Man sees Jesus everywhere.  And I love it.
"Mommy, Jesus must get wet when it rains.  Does He like to get wet?"
"Well, honey, I don't know.  Let's ask Him."
So we did.
"Mommy, Jesus likes to whisper, doesn't he?"
"Yes, the Holy Spirit is sometimes a still, small voice."
"So we have to listen."
"Yes, baby, we have to be quiet and listen."

I always want my children to know that they can ask Jesus anything.  And expect an answer!  
I think Jesus wants me to know the same thing.


Tricia said...

That is just precious! I love hearing my kids talk about Jesus too! I have started another blog where I try to record some of my favorite conversations so I can always remember them... they are just priceless!


JamericanSpice said...

Indeed precious. Makes me smile.

This is how I talk to my little ones :) They are getting the hang of it.

I love when my son comes home and tells me he hung out with Jesus/God....sometimes I don't understand all he is rambling about but it's an open to talk about Jesus.

Yes...a still small voice..

Rachel said...

My kids have said the funniest things when talking about Jesus! One time after telling Jordan that Jesus lived inside of him, he asked me if he Jesus had a flashlight because it's dark in there!

Joye @ The Joyeful Journey said...

Ooohh, that is too funny!!! But, really, he's a very WISE boy!! : D


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