Soakin' up some sun


It's been cold this week.  I mean, 60 degree weather is rough down here, folks. *wink*  We have to break out the sweaters and the closed-toe shoes and we don't venture outside unless we absolutely have to.  It's tough.  Feelin' sorry for me yet?  Well, today was a much welcomed relief from our "cold front".  I had decided last week that I was going to get on a strict house keeping schedule.  Mondays and Fridays were going to be my laundry days.  Well...it's Wednesday.  And my laundry still looked like a small mountain range... but I just had to get outside.  So, I took the laundry with me.  Great idea, huh?
That is, until a bird pooped on my nice, clean clothes!
(I would have inserted the picture here, but I decided against it, out of respect for my more delicate friends)  My wonderful neighbor walked in on me snapping pictures of bird doodoo on my linens.  Don't worry, she already knows I'm strange.  And we're still the best of friends.  We did a science project with the kiddos--we let them collect objects around the yard and filled a big bowl with water.  They had to guess which objects would float and which ones would sink.  Boston thought it was bath time!

Astair my dear

I love me some chil'ren

mine and the neighbor's

the neighbor's "dorothy wore converse" shoes!  can I get a pair?

you gotta love these ice cream scented bubbles...

and days like these

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