Bargain Decorating Files

I would have pursued interior design if I didn't do everything I could to avoid numbers.  I was told that I would have to use math and calculate numerical equations.  Ugghh.  I can't stand numbers.  They're so impersonal.  And snobbish.  Definitely snobbish.  Letters, however, make words and words are wonderful.  I LOVE words.  Words are my choice of design right now (and they are relatively inexpensive), but I still have to satisfy my decorating cravings every now and then.  And I prefer to do that for a bargain.  No bargain, no deal.  I've learned that you can have a beautiful home without breaking the budget!  I've decided to keep all my little bargain hunting design ideas together in one place and call them the Bargain Decorating Files.

The bargains in my dining room:  free antique table  (a woman was giving it away b/c there were stains on the top--hubby sanded it down and voila!), old chairs I bought at a used furniture store for $12 each (I painted them white b/c they needed it and hubby re-upholstered them with 1/2 price fabric), the curtains I bought from Anna's Linens at a great discount and hubby put them all up.  The best bargain?  The hubby!


OilGirl said...

Being a word and bargain lover myself, I must say bravo on that great antique table! :)

Melissa @ The Inspired Room said...

Oh my, that was the EXACT reason I dropped out of design school. The minute they told me that, I was out of there! :-) Who wants to get bogged down in numbers when there is creating to do? :-)


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