Look Who's Walking!


I love it.  Astair and Boston are walking!  Boston is practically running (hence the blurry pictures above)!  My mommy heart is so proud of them, but there's a bittersweetness in this milestone as well, this graduation from babyhood to toddlerhood.  I'm reminded again how fast time flies when you're having kids!  I find myself rocking them a little longer, holding them a little tighter, breathing in their baby softness.   
It just seems natural for them to accomplish milestones together.  Astair crawled before Boston, but after watching her scoot around a lot faster than he was, it didn't take long for him to catch on.  This time Boston was the first one to walk, and of course Astair couldn't resist getting the loads of attention Boston was raking in with every step.  Their little hearts are so eager to please.  
I'm beginning to notice that the twins really do have a special bond.  They are always together.  They follow one another around everywhere and are so amused by the other's antics.  When I nurse them  (and I do nurse them simultaneously for the most part) they love to hold hands and poke each other in the face.  Astair usually wakes up a good bit before Boston but when she hears him start to rouse, she gets so excited and hustles her little self into their room.  She giggles and grins when she sees him.  But, alas, what would love be without war?  I play referee all day!  They always want what the other one has!  Never mind that they already have the exact same thing.
Mmmm....my babies are walking.  And they have such sweet little feet.


Rachel said...

Unfortunately time just seems to speed faster and faster the older they get, so continue to relish each precious moment. BTW, Astair's outfit is the cutest!!

Kindle Marie said...

How absolutely gorgeous babies! Thanks for your comment and I really hope you will share some of your projects...I would love to show them off. Welcome to the partay!



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