Twin's Birdday Party!

the "bird" day cakes

Although I did decorate them, I cannot take full credit for these cakes.  My talented and beautiful mother-in-law baked them.  Which is why they tasted even better than they looked! (And I was sick all night because I ate half the frosting I decorated them with!)  The twin's did not technically have a birthday this year.  They were born on Leap Day!  But we celebrated one anyway.  : )  It was all for the birds.  I hid easter eggs in the backyard and the kids had a blast hunting for the "mamma bird's lost eggs".  We had face painting for the older kids while the twins had a blast "cake painting"!  The pictures tell all.

The Beautiful Bird-day Girl

Sitting pretty

The Bubbly Bird-day Boy

Sportin' converse!  (kisses to the Aunties)

Big Brother Tiger (courtesy Orissa: face-painter extraordinaire)
It lasted all of two minutes!

My babies are one!  Is that a gray hair?!

"Oh yeah, baby"

"Cake Fight!"

"Umm, this is so messy.  Look, my fingers are dirty."

"Hmm...what does yours taste like?"

an ending and a beginning...

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