Oh Happy Day (a little late)

I'm always a day late  (in this case a couple days late!)  
I'm the one who shows up at play group on Thursday only to find it was on Wednesday.  
I'm the one who laughs at the joke on Tuesday when it was told on Monday.
I'm the one who can't even remember what day it is half the time!!

Ah, well, it's better late than never ^_^  So, I will post my Easter pictures blissfully unaware that I am late.

We spent Easter with My Honey's family  (they live about an hour away).  And it really was a beautiful day.  I went to church with them and we actually made it to the service on time  (even with driving one hour to get there!)  Miracles do happen!  And they kept happening because my Lil Man let me take a picture of him and HE SMILED!
My Sweetness looked ravishing and Prince Charming was dashing.

         they did NOT want to take a picture together.  Absolutely not.

{sigh} That's alright, darlings.  I'll get you another day.  Three can play this game :)


Summer said...

What a beautiful family! Your babies look stunning!

Glad you had a great Easter... :)

Kristin said...

Such precious pictures! I could not get my three girls to all take a picture together this Easter either! LOL

he & me + 3 said...

YOu have the cutest little family. I love the names you are using for the kids. They looked adorable on EAster. Thank you for stopping by my blog and following along. I am going to follow along on your blog too. I have too, we have so much in common...3 kids, we both love Jesus, both have dark hair, both like to take pictures and blog...I'm always late too:)

ServinGsus said...

Better delayed than never, right? My camera was broken, so we're going to do a "re-enactment" one day soon. BTW, had to toss the S.A. back at you if it had to be my top 10 faves ;) Thanks again and have a blessed day!

Beth in NC said...

They are absolutely beautiful!!!! You are so blessed!

Veronica said...

Glad that you guys had a great Easter! The pictures are awesome! I know what you mean about not being able to get a picture of your children together. I wish I could get a few of those too, but it just never seems to happen!

Kristin said...

Oh my goodness Joye, I was just reading your comment about the Hurricane evacuations. They aren't any fun at all, are they?! I will be thinking of you when that time comes again too. I am praying we have an inactive season this year!! I'm glad you weren't there when that tree fell on your house! My cousin lives in Liberty, TX and they had a tree fall through their living room during Rita and they were there! I was dying laughing when my Aunt told me that her daughter-in-law's Dad was using the bathroom when it happened right outside the bathroom door! He was like, what just happened? LOL I know it's not really funny, but you just have to find the humor in it somehow! Ha!!

Tricia said...

Precious pictures... and I totally understand them not wanting to take pictures together! That is sooo hard!



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