On Faith and Fishing

My favorite time of day is early evening.  
I love it when the sun gets all gooey and melts like hot butter on green grass.  I love how it frames every silhouette in the softest rays of golden light.  So, when My Honey said we were going fishin', I grabbed the babes and we headed out to a neighbor's pond.  It was just wonderful.  There's nothing really really special about this ole hole in the ground except for an evening sun that makes everything glow.  Mmmm....I wish my better camera wasn't out of commission...but I'm thankful we had a back up.

My favorite thing is not fishing.  
Fishing takes a lot of patience.  I do consider myself to be a relatively patient person, but for some reason fishing just doesn't keep my interest.  My husband, on the other hand, is an AVID fisherman.  He's the real deal.  He doesn't have to catch a fish to enjoy fishing, he enjoys the experience.  For me this is the experience:  you hook something slimy and wriggly on a line and then you throw it into the water and sit, and watch, and wait, and sit, and watch, and wait, and then you do it all over again a million times until you catch a fish (which I usually lose interest in before I make it to that last part).

My husband was recently laid off from his job and we've been trying to start our own business.  It's been difficult casting our line out there and just waiting and hoping to reel in some work.  Faith and Fishing.  I see a lot of similarities in my life right now! 
"Now faith is being sure of what we hope for and certain of what we do not see." (Hebrews 11:1)
For fishing to be productive at all you must be certain there are fish where you are fishing!  We knew there were fish in this pond because the owner told us it was stocked.  We know our God will provide for us because it's in His name to do so--Jehovah Jireh, "The Lord Will Provide".  He has always provided.  He will continue to be WHO HE IS!  All we are required to do is throw out our nets in faith and He will fill them to overflowing.  

My Jesus, 
We're casting our nets out and we're trusting that just below the surface of what we can't see, you are preparing our blessing.  It will be more than we can reel in, because our faith is the line we're throwing into the depths of your goodness.
Teaching 'em young...
All my adorable boys

My gorgeous girl in clovers

And our neighbor, too, in my favorite pictures of the day.
Can you tell I wasn't fishing?


Kristin said...

Beautifully written, Joye! I love the analogy between fishing and faith and I love that Bible verse too. I will pray that your new business takes off and is a huge success!

Have a wonderful weekend!

PerfectlyParishPhotography said...

Joy, I am humbled by your description of a simple day, and how the Lord teaches us HIS way through the routine and seemingly mundane tasks of life. Like you said he is preparing things just below the surface and our job is to throw in the reel and reap the blessings. You are an amazing mother to those 3 beautiful babies, and I know the Lord is working in you each and every day to bring JOY to the world.

He And Me + 3 said...

Beautiful. I love when the Lord reveals His word in everyday life and we are really able to understand it in our own lives. Great analogy.
Adorable pictures too!

ServinGsus said...

Some beautiful pictures, as well as a beautiful story. You have a gorgeous family!

Amy said...

Joye, reading your words keeps on blessing me. I've always felt that I understood your spirit - that THE Spirit in each of us resonates somehow - but you express yourself so much better than I! Just makes me wish we could curl up and chat like we did in high school.

Amy said...

I'm so blessed by reading your words. I've always felt that I understood your spirit - that THE Spirit in each of us resonated - but you express yourself so much more beautifully! I wish we could curl up and chat like we did in high school.

Susan said...

Thanks for the beautiful analogy. One of my favorite stories is when Peter and the crew have been fishing all night without one fish. Jesus tells them to throw the net on the other side. Fish GALORE! His timing, His work, the end of our day or rope, not depending on our expertise, His Glory! I know He is ahead of you in the journey.

Thanks for sharing your heart. Thanks for reading my blog. :)


Kelly @ The Beauty of Sufficient Grace said...

Beautiful post and beautiful family! My husband and my boys love to fish, too. My youngest likes it the best. But I like to go along and enjoy the sun and water and the beauty of God's world. It's so peaceful. I just wanted to stop by after reading your comment, and thank you for visiting. I know my comment on Lynette's blog was very lengthy! :) I love her and agreed with her great post, as you could see!

Thanks for this lovely post. I enjoyed my visit!

Blessings to you,
Kelly Gerken

Femin Susan said...

Those are such beautiful pictures, story and you have got a beautiful family too.

Summer said...

Beautiful pictures to go along with beautiful words....

momstheword said...

Amen, sweet sister! He is our provider. Many years ago (before my hubby was a pastor) he was out of work for a year. He applied for job after job but the Lord wasn't opening any doors.

We lived off of severance, unemployment and then our savings (plus the blessings of our church and friends). The Lord provided for us in a mighty way and we didn't go hungry, we didn't lose our home and we didn't even need any state help.

God will open doors like you won't believe (or maybe you will, lol!) and He will lead, guide and provide for you. He won't ever fail you. I look forward to hearing what exciting things He has in store for you and your precious family! (Loved the pictures, btw)


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