100 Random Things About Me?

Lynette at Dancing Barefoot on Weathered Ground is responsible for this rather lengthy post  (and she is much more interesting than me!)  I admit that the title alone is very intimidating to me (100 things?  About me?  That can't be interesting.)  But I have enjoyed hers and several others that have linked up so immensely that I just have to take the plunge.  And I secretly hope to read one about you, too ^_^

1}  I'm a country girl living in the city.  I was raised on a ranch in Nebraska and now I'm living in Southern Louisiana.

2}  Yes, that has been a culture shock.  But I love all my cajun, crawfish eatin', jambalaya jammin' and alligator fryin' friends and family!

3}  I am a dreamer.

4}  I prefer a good book to a movie.

5}  I'm a sharpshooter.

6}  I won the State Shooting Sports competition when I was 12.  Yep.  I beat all them boys.

7}  I own three horses  (all in Nebraska).

8}  I know how to drive tractors, pull trailers, hitch em up and back em out.

9}  I love Mr. Darcy tea.  (though I'm not particularly fond of Mr. Darcy)

10}  I do love all of Jane Austen's novels and I even took the quiz to find  out which character of hers I am most like and it turned out to be Elizabeth Bennet.

11}  I love, love, love laying in fields of grass and talking to God.

12}  I like dresses, but I don't have very many.

13}  I am an awkward phone conversationalist.  I so prefer to meet and talk in person!

14}  I have millions of ideas...but rarely accomplish half of them!

15}  I see beauty in everything.

16}  I am passionate about living a life that glorifies God.  (which means I tend to be hard on myself sometimes--something God continually gives me grace in)

17}  I have many ideas for fiction and non-fiction books, but only have written a few scattered chapters.

18}  I'm a hopeless romantic.

19}  I'm completely spontaneous.

20}  I do make lists, but I don't keep them.

21}  I hate numbers.

22}  I love to make up words like *kerfunkel* and *jaboga* and write my own definitions.  Maybe I'll write a dictionary one day. lol.

23}  I can't believe I'm only on #23!!!!

24}  I won a trip to Hawaii when I was a junior in high-school because I won a FFA State Speech competition.  I also won the National speech competition in Hawaii, but I don't consider myself to be a great speaker.

25}  I would move to Hawaii tomorrow if God said I could.  (I know you're reading this God, so "Please, pretty please?" ^_^)

26}  I have always wanted to be a missionary overseas.

27}  I'm not high-maintenance  (shhh...don't tell my husband)

28}  I learned to swim when I was 2 and I have introduced all of my kids to the basic fundamentals of swimming at 6 months old.

29} I love sushi.  (the raw fish kind!)

30}  I think my husband is the greatest man alive.

31}  I am very culinarily challenged.  (see...there I go making up words again ^_^)

32}  My husband had to teach me how to fry an egg when we were married.

33}  He's a better cook than me.

34}  I wish I was a better cook...

35}  Maybe I would be a better cook if I had a stylish retro apron to wear to inspire me!

36}  I'm a little teensy weensy bit of a perfectionist....there is an "e" at the end of the word "inspire" on #35 that isn't italicized and it's driving me crazy...

37}  I would love to design clothes!

38}  I'm learning to sew, but I just don't seem to have enough time

39}  I went through a faze where I was going to sew all of our clothes....ummm....glad I came back down to earth!

40}  I've only completed one dress and two vests for my little wee ones.

41}  But I do collect fabric! "Collect"  being the key word...

42}  I went through a faze where I wanted to be a fabric designer.

43}  I used to ask God to miraculously bless me with the ability to sing and play piano beautifully  (without ever having to practice!)

44}  I love old quilts.

45}  Photography is a new passion of mine but my camera is broken as of yesterday.  *sob*

46}  I am NOT a morning person.  But most of my children ARE.  I have tried to be.  Desperately.

47}  Ok, Ok, so I stay up way too late...

48}  I hate it when I find myself talking AT God--I desire to talk to him face to face and LISTEN to what He would say to my heart.

49}  I love worship music and I sing it at the top of my lungs.

50}  I can not be still when I worship my God.  I just have to give him everything I've got.  He's so WORTHY, so Holy, so Amazing!

51}  I need Jesus every day.

52}  I get pooped being a mom but I LOVE every minute I get to spend with my incredible kids.

53}  I love seeing people changed by the love of Jesus!

54}  I am an interior designer wannabe.

55}  I really enjoy unearthing "treasures" at thrift stores and antique stores.

56}  I've been trying to find the perfect grass to plant inside my house.  (yes, you did read that right)

57}  I live in flip flops.

58}  I went strawberry picking with my brood yesterday....mmmmmmm.

59}  My honey comes home from his mission trip to Bulgaria in ONE day!!!!!

60} I. cant. wait. ^_^

61}  My honey would win the Survivor show. 

62}  We would win The Amazing Race.  Trust me, we would.

63}  My honey and I cannot play board games together b/c we're both too competitive!

64}  There I go again...I italicized everything except for the "e".

65}  I nurse both of my twins at the same time.  And they are 13 months old.

66}  I don't know when I'm going to wean them, and I get sad thinking about it...

67}  I feel guilty not being able to spend as much time with them as I did with my oldest.

68}  I believe in the power of prayer and I claim my kids for Christ!

69}  God's love for me completely overwhelms me!!!

70}  I've always wanted to adopt...
71}  I drink buttermilk.

72}  I would like to be a foster parent one day  (I know I would adopt every child that stayed with us!) because it grieves my heart to see children neglected.

73}  My Honey and I really enjoy working with teens and speaking in detention centers

74}  I believe that Jesus is our Healer!

75}  I believe EVERY WORD of the Bible.

76}  I've needed to paint my toes for weeks...

77}  I like feet.  most feet.

78}  I love the color of the sky.

79}  I will go sky diving one day.

80}  I'm terrified of sharks, but I love the beach.

81}  I love the outdoors.

82}  Fish scare me.

83}  Cows are dumb but their babies are cute.

84}  Dogs are my favorite animals.

85}  I love ALL Thai food.  All of it.

86}  I tried to make Pad Thai one day...it wasn't bad...just missing something...hmmm

87}  I believe in miracles and I always ask for them!

88}  God sends me little gifts all the time that absolutely bless my heart.

89}  I would love to get my counseling degree

90}  I have fresh cut flowers on my table because every day is a special occasion

91}  I wrote my first book (and illustrated it!) at age 8 about a Princess and her pony.  I still have it along with many other stories that I have written through the years.

92}  I have recently written a children's book but I haven't attempted to get it published.  (I fear rejection)

93}  I am a people pleaser  (God is working on that one...we're making some progress)

94}  I used to be an emotional/hormonal basketcase and I really believed I suffered from severe PMS  (it does exist!) but I found freedom through claiming the Truth of the Word of God and commanding my emotions to come into alignment with the Holy Spirit.

95}  I was molested once as a young child but Jesus has completely healed me  (and it hasn't been overnight but it has been through his relentless love for me)

96}  I love honesty. (whew...can you tell?)

97}  I am horrible at telling jokes but I do a pretty good job at being one!

98}  I am a little ditzy.  I'll admit.

99}  I won a county spelling bee.

100}  It is the desire of my heart to see people transformed by the revelation that God loves them passionately,  unconditionally,  and absolutely.  As. they. are.

Oh, no, that's not all!  Now it's your turn!  Link up here at Lynette's and let me know if you do b/c I would love to read all about you!


Lynnette Kraft said...

Hi Joye! That was a fun list. You are a free spirit aren't you? I definitely felt that from your list. (I am too)

I love Jane Austen books. My favorite was Sense and Sensibility What was your favorite?

Have you read George MacDonald? I need to read more of him - he's amazing.

What a blessing to see beauty in everything. I try with all my heart to do that too (but sometimes I don't actually do it. Ugh!)

Love your made up words. My daughter Abigail would love that about you. :)

I would love to be an awesome photographer. I'm working at it (but I need a better lens). You POOR thing! I can't imagine a broken camera of all things!

Mommyhood is certainly tiring - and yes very rewarding. I wholeheartedly agree!

That's neat that you write. Go for it!!! Live your dream. I can tell by the last post I commented on of your that you can definitely write.

Well, I know it's only 11:00 but I've been staying up way too late and Harrison gets me up early, so I'm POOPED!

I had such fun reading these things about you. I feel I know you better now. :)

Have a great weekend.

Kristin said...

Thanks for reminding me to link on Lynnette's blog....I forgot all about that!

I loved your 100 things!!! I was cracking up about your perfectionism! That is so like me too! It takes me forever to do a post because I'm constantly rereading it to make sure it's correct. I think we have a lot in common!

I'm glad your husband is coming back soon and that's so neat that you've written a children's book! We seem to have a lot of the same dreams. Have a wonderful weekend!!

He And Me + 3 said...

That was awesome. I got to know you so much better...since I just started following you, that was a great way to catch up. So many of them we are so alike. I am not so good in the kitchen either. I am learning but yikes. I want to get a counseling degree too. Sorry about your camera...I almost cried when I read that because I think I have like 5 backups...:) Camera is always with me. Hope you get a new one soon!
Best of all...we both love our Savior..JESUS! Awesome 100 post

Linda said...

Joye, It's Lynnette's Mom, Linda,...and I love your blog desin. It is so pretty!

I liked reading your 100 things about you! You are quite amazing! I am following you now, and I look forward to reading your older posts too and really get to know you.

I love Kristin,...and Veronica and I'm sure I'm gonna love you too!

God Bless!
Linda @ Truthful Tidbits

Veronica said...

Hey Joye,

Thanks for sharing all of these awesome tidbits about yourself. It was so much fun to read about what makes you...you! You inspire me to press in deeper in my relationship with the Lord. Hope you have a great weekend. I'm glad that your Hubby will be coming home soon!

P.S. I'm right there with you with the breastfeeding. With my first, I was totally done the exact day she turned one. Audrey is the same age as your twins and I feel the same way about the whole weaning thing. I know she's definitely not ready and I don't think I am either!

Holly said...

What a cool list! I have one of these myself too, it's on this page: http://holly.normania.net/holly :)

LisaShaw said...

I enjoyed this Sweetie. You're scared of fish? I was afraid of birds and cats for most of my life until the Lord delivered me (smile).

Love #100! Amen.

Kelly said...

I loved reading your 100 things!! You inspire me so much!

Manda @ Lambs In His Arms said...

Hi Joye, thanks for visiting my blog today! I enjoyed reading this post about you as well as your wonderful reminder of 100 things about our Savior! That is awesome that you are nursing twin toddlers. And I am right there with you on the sewing thing - unfortunately I am another one with lots of ideas, lots of fabric, little time, and very little experience actually making anything!

Anonymous said...

This was enJOYEable!

I am sorry to tell you, but wearing a retro apron…even a stylish one…will not make you a good cook. I can tell you this because I have tried it with ALL kinds of aprons…and I am VERY retro, but I am NOT a good cook. I tell people that if I ever open a restaurant I will call it Burnt Toast. I am not sure I would get many (if any) customers.

WOW, a sharpshooter…I AM impressed!

I can tell you LOVE the Lord with all your heart, soul, mind, and strength!

You are a JOY!


Kristin said...

I enjoyed reading these again! I can so relate to the cooking thing...I just don't enjoy cooking at all and I had to read the directions on the mac&cheese box just to figure out how to make it when my girls were little. Ha!

mom-2-4 said...

Oh wow, that was so neat to read! We share quite a lot in common! The living in Hawaii thing was so funny to read because dh and I always talk about living in Hawaii some day- "doesn't Hawaii need a good Bible preaching church?" we say., the thing about husband being a better cook is so true for us too- I'm not a horrible cook anymore but dh can just put things together and they taste great- not me, I have to go by the cook book. I agree with the cows being dumb thing too, I actually wrote a post about our dumb cows a couple weeks ago. I just started sewing a while back, not very good at it yet, but I enjoy seeing something come out of nothing. I also love old quilts, I have a few my grandmother had, and some she made for me (all by hand). And I also believe every word of God. Those were just a few I wanted to name. It was fun to read your list- all your honesty was refreshing!!
Julianne :)


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