The Way He Holds My Heart

This song has been playing in my heart all day...

See The Way
by Misty Edwards

With just one word from your mouth were the heavens made
with just one breath from your lips the foundations were laid
with just one dream in your heart you have wanted me
with just one pulse of your heart you are wooing me

see the way he holds the stars in his hands
see the way he holds my heart

God is a lover looking for a lover
so he fashions me
God is a lover looking for a lover
so he forms my heart

with just one pulse of your heart
I'm in love

You've Got to Hear it Here:

My Jesus, My Lover, 
You are my desire!  I've been so busy and so weary lately and you've been whispering to my heart, wooing me.  How can I resist you?  But I do.  So often.  I even read my Bible today--but I forgot to invite you to speak to me--I forgot to just LOVE you, to just sit with you and gaze into your soft eyes.  To lean into your loving embrace.  To feel your heartbeat.  There's so much JOY in these moments!  So much peace.  So much strength.  Jesus, your love overwhelms me.  And my tears are tears of joy.  It is amazing to be loved by you.  I'm in love...I'm in love...I'm in love.


Summer said...

Oh Joye....you always articulate your words the way my heart is speaking!

What a beautiful song...

Thank you!

ServinGsus said...

Oh, WOW. Yet again: Thanks for posting. I, too, focused on a worship song today. I think God might be pointing me in a specific direction ;) And I love Misty Edwards! And Rita Springer and Jason Upton. Have you heard of the The Ramp and Karen Wheaton Ministries? Look their site up (www.theramp.org) and check out some of their worship. Okay, back to the song. I *love* that God is a Lover so He created me as a result of looking for a Lover. I am so in love with Him. Have a great day, my bloggy friend =)

LisaShaw said...

This entire message and the song is absolutely beautiful. Thank you for sharing.

Heather said...

Beautiful prayer! I needed this today!

Miss Charlene said...

How beautiful! What a way to look at God! Amazing how we can just fall in love with him :)


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