Bargain Decorating Files: Silhouette Style

I have always loved silhouettes.  They're crisp and dramatic, and yet still so mysterious and whimsical.  Almost a year ago I decided to make silhouettes of our family.  I found profile pictures of each person and I copied them into the paint workshop on my old computer.  (I have no idea how to make a silhouette using Adobe Photoshop--I have yet to learn!  And when I do, I'll let you know!)  Somehow I fiddled around enough and was able to make these silhouettes.  I erased around the profile picture and then I converted it to black (or white).  I really need to update them because my wee little ones have changed so much already!

Bargain Tip #6:  It's difficult to see in the pictures, but I cut out each silhouette and mounted them on different pieces of patterned scrapbook paper.  Really, any piece of fabric or even vintage wallpaper would work just as well.  And if you wanted to add just a little extra pizazz, you could even cut the silhouette itself out of patterned paper.  Now that's an idea...

Bargain Tip #7:  Use Mirrors!  Our living room and dining room are both one room and they are long and narrow.  To make it feel more spacious, I hung a large mirror on the wall directly opposite the dining room window.  It's amazing how much it scatters light around the space.  I waited a long time before I found this mirror because I decided ahead of time that $30 was my limit.  Imagine trying to find a nice, large mirror for thirty bucks.  It was hard,  (and I almost gave up) but I finally found this one at a local antique store for exactly $30 and I LOVE it!

Oh and don't you just love the framed birds?  I paid $5 for this lovely pair at a discount store.

For me, making my home look joyful (on a dime) just does wonders for my whole frame of mind. ^_^


Kristin said...

I love silhouettes too. I made some of my girls about a year ago out of hot pink paper and mounted them against brown polka dot paper. They're in my craft room right now. The girls love to look at them. I'm the same way.....when my house is cheerful and clean, it makes me feel great.

Sarah Mae said...

Great idea with the silhouettes! Just what I need for my walls!

Anonymous said...

$30 for that mirror. WOW!

That's a great deal and from what I can see, that mirror is in really nice condition. I agree, mirrors are a fantastic way to make a room look larger.

Anonymous said...

They look beautiful. I have a long livingroom that is dark on one end also, I took 12x12 mirror sqrs. and made a lrg mirror that also reflects the light, what a differance in a dark room! I love it...blessing Shi~

Anonymous said...

Thank you so much for your prayers. I feel so blessed to be able to help this village and then anyothers who need help! Doctor wants this to go as far as God will allow it! thanks for stopping by. Blessing Shi~

Katie said...

These are awesome, you could go into business with these.


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