My Jesus, My Love

During this Passion Week, I've been cherishing the story of the Cross of Christ.  Every day my little boy asks me to read the story about Jesus dying on the Cross to Him.  Every day he is drawn to this story like no other.  We have hundreds of books.  Hundreds.  But He asks for this story in the Bible every night.  

There is something so powerful, so undeniable about the Cross.  Jesus promises that when he is lifted up, He will draw all men to himself.  He was lifted up on a cross.  And the cross can not easily be ignored.  It is the essence of LOVE.  The truest definition.  The most visual, most tangible display of Love the world has ever or will ever know.  All historians the world over agree that Jesus did not deserve to die on that cross.  And even more importantly, He chose to die on the cross--  for us who love him and for those who do not.  He paid the price for sin, even though he himself never sinned.  And the price was steep.  The cost was everything.  

I was visiting Graceful Abandon the other day where Lisa, one of my dear sisters in Christ, had written a tremendous post about the Cost of the Cross.  It was such a precious reminder of the lengths God went to to save us.  If you have a moment, you should read her post on the collision of God and man.   

On this Good Friday, I am filled with love for my Savior, the Sacrifice for my sins.  My heart is just bursting with it.  I'm not sure if I will ever fully understand how much my God had to sacrifice for me, but I know that I am FOREVER GRATEFUL.  He purchased my freedom with his life and he has made my joy complete!

My Jesus, My Savior,
I long to anoint you today and every day, with my love!  I want to bring you joy, to bless your heart.  Thank you, my Jesus, for loving me.  You have withheld nothing from me--not even your very own life.  I want to love you with that same abandon!


ServinGsus said...

AMEN! I, too, long to anoint Him with my love.

P.S. Thanks for the link up.

Beth in NC said...

What a sweet post. Have a blessed Easter!


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