The Sisterhood is where it's at

Ahh, now this was too kind.  Stephanie at The Hanes Family Blog, a beautiful mom of two (one of which is on the way) and an avid student of the Word (isn't that just wonderful!), gave me the Sisterhood Award.  I'm so excited to meet Stephanie, she has such a sweet spirit about her! Thank you, Stephanie!  

Honestly, there is a moment right before I start to type up a post that I become absolutely intimidated about writing it at all.  What if it's not brilliant enough or funny enough or real enough?  What if it doesn't do my Jesus enough justice or what if it's just too boring?  Then I'm reminded why I even began to blog in the first place--to bring glory to my God through the everyday ordinary of my life.  It's in His hands...  

And a side benefit is definitely the absolutely wonderful women that I have met!  These ladies are amazing!  God has given every woman something unique and beautiful to share with her world.  One of the rules of the Sisterhood award is to list 10 blogs that I consider to have "great attitude and/or gratitude".  I would LOVE to give this award to EVERY woman I know through this blog or in real life!  I haven't been blogging for very long yet, so I've still to meet more amazing blogger friends, but here are some that have inspired me and connected with me  (almost all of them have been regular commenters and I just love them!) :

1}  Lisa @ Graceful Abandon has become such a great friend and encouragement to me!  She is absolutely for real.  She writes devotionals on her blog and they are just incredible and have ministered to me so much!  I love reading her comments, too, she brightens my day!

2} Elaine @ Peace for the Journey.  She writes with such excellence and such passion.  I absolutely love her zeal for Jesus, for life, and for people!

3}  LisaShaw @ Sharing Life with Lisa.  Lisa has a true servant's heart.  She ministers to others through her blog and she has such an anointing on her life.  She is a blessing to the blogging world!

4}  Miss Charlene @ Bring on the Rain.  Charlene has such a wonderful testimony of a life redeemed and of faith through her deafness that will inspire your heart.  She is beautiful.

5}  Natalie @ Better Than Myself.  I've known Natalie for years and she is so real!  She makes me laugh, gasp, think, and smile. ^_^  No pretenses here.

6} Summer @ Sublime Happiness.  Summer is one of those people you know you would love if you ever met her in person.  She is a breath of fresh air and a world of fun.  She is just so "friendly"!

7}  Rosie @ Home and Heartwork.  Rosie has 9 children and teaches them all! Needless to say, I can learn much from her! I love her wisdom.

8}  Jenn @ Oils for Wellness.  Who would have thought aromatherapy could have so much meaning?  Jenn shares her passion for aromatherapy and her passion for God through this blog.  She's shown me some amazing uses of aromatics.

9} Kristin @ These Little Girls of Mine.  She's already gotten this award like, 5 times!  Needless to say, she's so lovable.  Her honesty just wrings your heart out.  She recently rededicated her life to Christ!

10} Beth @ I Am Heading Towards My Destiny.  Beth is THE kindest person in the blogosphere.  She is a worshipper and an intercessor and I feel such a connection with her.

Yeah for Sisterhood!


Mom2Valerie said...

Thank you for your sweet words. I am so glad I "met" you! You're such an encouragement to me.

Summer said...

Aww...thanks Joye! That means a lot to me! I cannot tell you how blessed I feel to have "met" so many kind and Godly women here in the bloggy world....

Keep spreading the Good Word!


LisaShaw said...

O Sweetie, thank you so much for considering me with this group of precious sisters in Christ. If anything blessed you on my blogs then TO GOD BE ALL THE GLORY for it is all about Him.

I am deeply touched to be a sister in Christ of yours. Love you.

ServinGsus said...

Aw shucks! That's so sweet =) And fun, because I just found two new blogs to follow that look great!

elaine @ peace for the journey said...

You are kind and gracious to think of me with the "sisterhood" award. I just finished 10 weeks with my hometown sisters doing Beth Moore's "esther" study. I'm exhausted and will be glad for the break. That being said, I will miss them in our time apart. So glad for my blogging friends who will keep my feet to the fire in their place.

Blessings to you as you walk your Easter in the days ahead.


Beth in NC said...

You are so precious. I am honored. Thank you Joye! I am going to add your name to this precious award. (Congratulations on winning it yourself.)

Big hug!!!


Kristin said...

Oh my goodness! You just said something in your post that totally gave me chills because the truth of it is exactly why I started blogging....."to bring Glory to God through the everyday ordinary of my life." I LOVE that!!! I look at everyone's lives like a story. Everyone has a story and everyone's story can teach us something! We consider things ordinary, but it's those ordinary moments of life that can bring others closer to God. That's exactly what happened to me through blogging! I just love you and I'm so glad that we have met! Thank you so much for this award! It means alot to me!

Have a wonderful week!

Rosie@Home and Heartwork said...

Thank you so much. You've made me feel very blessed. It's so nice to meet Godly Christian sisters from all over, through their blogs. I don't comment and reply as much as I'd like to, simply for lack of time. But I do appreciate you ladies and I try to pray for everyone I meet. (I figure when I get to heaven they'll be a lot of ladies I'll get to sit down and visit with face to face for the first time!)
love and prayers,

OilGirl said...

Joye, I am so honored that you would include me in your Sisterhood list. God loves making divine connections in the family of Christ! I am so blessed that we found each other! Jen


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