There is definitely something to that old saying, "stop and smell the roses..."

There is something so calming, so inviting and alluring about a rose.
Place it in any room of the house and it changes the entire atmosphere.  It makes its ordinary surroundings somehow feel not so ordinary anymore.

The roses in my front yard are nothing short of a miracle.  They have transformed many a drab day into something to be enjoyed, something to be cherished.
I don't know about you, but when God was handing out green thumbs, He forgot to give me one.
Yep, my thumbs register a "zero" on the green factor.  But you would never know it if you passed by my house.  My yard is lovely.  (All credit goes to my mother-in-love).

And I am so thankful for my roses.  They bloom in abundance.  They are that special kind, that rare breed of roses that grow in harsh conditions (i.e. my pink thumbs).  They are hardy, strong, resilient, yet delicately beautiful.  My roses bloom continually, selflessly.  They share their beauty with the world, unveiling themselves petal by petal, unafraid to be vulnerable. And their aroma fills our hearts.

I know people like that.  Like roses.
And their sweet fragrance reaches all the way to Heaven.
To our Father's heart.

Dear nienie, you are such a rose.


Barbie said...

These are absolutely beautiful photos!

Faye said...

Thank-u for sharing.They are so beautiful! Have a Blessed Day!

Lauren said...

what a special posts and such gorgeous pictures! You have a beautiful way with words Joye ... I am blessed each time I come here!

He & Me + 3 said...

They are just beautiful. And this was a super sweet post.

Summer said...

What a beautiful and touching post, Joye!

You are truly a rose to be cherished! :)

Laura said...

I will never look at my roses the same way, again. I too, have a "brown" thumb, but a sweet little lady who lived in my home before me, planted red and pink roses that are prolific throughout most of the year. Their hardiness only enhances their delicate beauty.

I have often taken them for granted...but no more. Your post has forever changed my apathy to deep appreciation.

Thanks for adding beauty to my day, by reminding me I need only look outside my backdoor to find a little of God's glory, beautifully displayed, just for me!

christy rose said...

I have a mushy place in my heart for Roses too! Both kinds in my life! :)

These pictures are beautiful!

Kate said...

What a beautiful picture! I love roses, and both real ones and the rosy people in my life :)

Wylie said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
amyp said...

So...these pictures are gorgeous. Kind of like you!


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