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Making your home sing Mondays
I just love what momstheword posted about Making Our Homes Sing.  As moms, we try to do it all, but sometimes it just isn't possible.  This is hard for me sometimes.  There are days (weeks) that I feel like I don't accomplish anything!  I'm busy all day and it feels like all I do is clean, clean, clean...but the house still looks messy.  I'm TRYING not to let this bother me as much as it usually does.  I would love for my house to be an organized, neat and tidy little haven for my family and for any unexpected visitors that drop by.  We live in town and this happens a lot--and I love for it to happen!! (what mom doesn't get excited about talking to another adult during her day??)  It's just that I wish I wasn't so worried about the stains on the rug I had been meaning to clean while visiting with them.  I wish I wasn't so preoccupied with picking up after my children all day and just plopped down and played in the mess with them.  I never regret it when I do!

I have to learn to let go of less important things (like dirty dishes) sometimes and enjoy the more important things (like hugs and sloppy kisses) all the time.  The dishes aren't going anywhere--they'll still be around when I'm 80, but children grow up and often move out.  Oh, how my heart aches to type that.  I never knew how fast time flew until I became a mother!  I will slow down this week and I'll be okay with some things left undone.  Because I  want to fill my little ones with songs of love and songs of joy.  Because my little ones spell love: t-i-m-e. 
I caught the sweetest moment on camera the other day!  Sweetness and Prince Charming love to play with each other while they eat. It's so cute to hear them giggling and jabbering away to one another.  Lately, they've been holding hands.  Ahhhhh...I know!  Doesn't it make your heart squeeze?

P.S.  I made a gift for my mother-in-law for mother's day and I can't wait to post pictures tomorrow!


Beth in NC said...

You are so sweet and so right! What matters most is the LOVE in our home, not the mess. I wish I could let that sink deep in my soul. I am always embarrassed when people pop by (and THEY ALWAYS DO). You would think I'd learn by now. ha.

Yes, the picture is priceless!

Anonymous said...

SUCH cuteness! Oh my gosh - lots of busy-busy work - but twice the sloppy kisses and love!!! Like you - my dishes can SOOO wait while we have our princess tea...

Kristin said...

I have such a hard time with the struggle of trying to get things done, and knowing it's just not possible (unless I spend every waking moment cleaning), and my perfectionist self is going crazy because the mess really does bother me, as much as I try not to let it. It seems it can get out of control so fast and it's neverending! But, I'm trying!

I love that picture of them holding hands! That's so sweet!!

I can't wait to see what you made!

Veronica said...

Oh Joye,

This is my life story! Thanks for the reminder to enjoy all the little moments. I am always running from one thing to the next and I have been so bad about forgetting about all the chores and just spending time with the girls.
I definitely need to reprioritize in that area!

P.S. What are your thoughts on weining? Maybe you can share your insight on that topic with me, since your twins and my Audrey are so close in age. I have been thinking about getting ready to wein her. Maybe you can share with me how you feel about the whole thing. I nursed my first until the day she turned one and that was it. Audrey is already 14 months and I'm not sure when she'll be done. If you have time, maybe you can email me (vernfern@verizon.net) and share your thoughts on the whole thing with me! Thanks so much!!!

momstheword said...

oh what a precious picture! I always wanted twins but I think I mentioned that before.

You are right, they do grow fast and you will never regret time spent with them! At least the stains on your rug will be a roadmap of your life, lol!

Thank you for linking up with us today!

Bobbi Jo said...

I totally agree with you that the time just fly's by and I have not taken the time to play or just do little things with my kiddos. I am learning though.
Sweet picture!
Hugs, Bobbi Jo

He And Me + 3 said...

i agree with your post. I totally need to let go and not worry so much about my house. It will be there tomorrow...but that moment with my children will be gone.

Sherry said...

Great post! it is hard to not worry about those other things, but you are right that they will be there later. These moments with family and friends will be remembered longer! :D

Alicia said...

Hi there! I've learned to slow down and not get so annoyed when something gets messed up that I just cleaned up. They're just kids, and I want to spend my time enjoying them and not giving them orders all day.

I'm so glad you stopped by my blog! I noticed yours before because Danielle also designed my blog (for the 3rd time). Isn't she wonderful?????!!

Sarah said...

You are so right and I think we all struggle with having a clean, organized home, but time to play! Well said, and cute blog!

Erin said...

Wow! My blog post today was about choosing to be happy...doing nothing else but choosing to be happy. Some weeks, that is all I have to give. I loved your post. Thanks for the honesty...

Alleluiabelle said...

Hi Joye,

"will slow down this week and I'll be okay with some things left undone. Because I want to fill my little ones with songs of love and songs of joy. Because my little ones spell love: t-i-m-e."

It's so good to hear that. When my children were younger, I worked a 9-5 job all day and my mom watched them during the day for me. I had a fifteen minute ride home and so I was able to relax a little and change hats from office administrator to mommy. Sometimes it was very hard and things didn't always get done in a timely fashion because I took that time I had at night to try to spend quality time with them. You're right, the dishes and the housework will still be there, but your children grow up so very, very fast. Enjoy every precious moment you have with them and soak it all in and let them soak you all in them as well my friend.

Love you,

Anonymous said...

Oh Joye,
If I could pass on one thing, just one thing...It would be that the time WILL go by SO fast and you WILL regret worring over dishes and clean floors! Just take a big breath and tell yourself to relax, and stop and enjoy all the little things that happen in your day! If you are always waiting for the right moment it will and does pass you by.
If someone judges you for not picking up a toy or removing a stain, I do not think they have your best intrest at heart or your childrens!
I was always cleaning and doing...you know just doing..to busy to read an extra book, or color an extra page...I wish I could sit and color and read all day now..
You are on the right track, that being seeking Christ first and listening to His leading...He will guide you on the important stuff...So give those babies all an extra hug tonight and enjoy your blessings! Shi~

Kelly @ The Beauty of Sufficient Grace said...

Hi Joye,

I struggle with this balance too...and often worry about the things that are not really important. This was a great post...with a message I really needed today! Thank you...you have such a beautiful heart!

Love to you,


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