To all you Lovely Ladies!

I feel so blessed today...
Because I have beautiful friends.
Some live next door ^_^
Across town.
Out of town.
Hundreds of miles away.
Minutes away.
Some I have never met before.
Some I will.
There are those I have just found.
And those I have always found.
And each one is absolutely lovely.
I am so blessed today to know you,
My friend.

When I started this little blog, I never guessed how much I would be blessed by the amazing women I have met so far.  Be encouraged all you beautiful bloggers--you are instruments of God's glory and He shines through each one of you!  You have something uniquely wonderful to share with your world that God gave only you.  

I just have to share the prizes and awards I won today because I'm just so excited to #1--win anything, #2--feel loved, and #3--well, numbers 1 and 2 pretty much say it all!

First of all I won the Spread the Joy Giveaway over at Jen's from Oils for Wellness!  How very cool is that?!  I do NOT think it is coincidence!  {Didn't I just mention in my last post that God has been continually speaking to me about joy lately?}  Not to mention the name of my blog...^_^   Oooohhh, when I saw this giveaway I thought it would be just wonderful to win it!
Here's the little bottle of joy: 

Jen describes this oil as one that "exudes an alluring and irresistible fragrance".  How true is that of joy?  I can't wait to splash it around my house!  Thank you, Jen!  What you do with essential oils is amazing. 

Then, dearest Stephanie {one of the sweetest people in blogland} at The Hanes Family Blog gave me this award:

Just check out that crown.  That is some serious bling.  I believe the rules of this award say you are to write about 7 Reasons You are Awesome.  I might cheat here, folks.  But, hey, I'm wearing the crown.  Can't argue with something that might blink your eyes out! ^_^

The next rule is to give this to seven other women I believe are the Queens of All Things Awesome and I might bend the rule a little here, too.  {I know, I know, all this Queen stuff is going to my head!}  But I really, really, really want to give this award to YOU!  If you follow this blog  {which means we're friends} I want you to have this award.  TAKE IT, IT'S YOURS!

And thank you, Stephanie, for making me feel like a queen for a day!


Faye said...

Joye,You have been a blessing to me.I thank-u so much.I know that God sent you to me.Plese just keep on praying for me!Love in Christ! Faye

Carrie said...

So true about meeting great friends in unexpected places! I NEVER thought my blog would lead me to so many inspiring and wonderful blogs, like yours! I only thought my family would read it and keep up with us, but how fun it's been keeping up with so many other great families, and receiving encouraging comments from others :)

Congratulations on your awards and winning some really fun gifts! That's Awe-summm! hee hee!

Kristin said...

Awesome Joye!! I think God knew exactly what he was doing to have you win the giveaway! I won a giveaway at Lynnette's blog one time and I couldn't believe it either! Congrats on winning Queen for a day too! I didn't give mine away because I would've been giving it to all the people who just got it! ha! I am so glad to have met you! I think you definitely radiate joy! Maybe one day we can meet in real life!

Dani Joy said...

This is so sweet! My middle name is Joy so i too feel a Great responisiblilty to have the Joy of Jesus in my life!
Your blog is very welcoming and encouraging!
thanks for visiting over at my blog too! It´s so great to meet other Christian sisters all over the world!

Katie said...

I too have met so many wonderful ladies that have encouraged me and have been a ear to listen. God works in weird ways. I love your blog (:

Kristin said...

Hey Joye! Thanks so much for the compliments on my new shirt! I do plan to have an etsy shop too one day. I'm just trying to get lots of stuff made before I launch my all-out marketing plan. LOL! That would be neat to interview Moms with businesses. I love reading about Moms and how they got started. I hope you're having a wonderful day and I hope you have a great Mother's Day this Sunday too!!

Teresa @ Grammy Girlfriend said...

Just found your blog and enjoyed reading it.
I hope you will stop by and visit me. The May give away has started....and next week I will be blogging from Disney World.

Kelly @ The Beauty of Sufficient Grace said...

I have been so blessed and encouraged by my new friends in blogland, as well. I count you as one of them! =) Thank you for being such a beautiful encourager!

Erica said...

Joye, I am playing tag and have just tagged you! If you are interested in joining the fun visit my blog for all the details.


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