My New L00k!

I love my husband.
LOVE him.

For my Mother's Day gift he let me get a blog makeover.
This is unbelievably the best gift in the world.  (wouldn't you agree?)
He knows it is.
Because he knows me.
And he loves me.

I will go fishing with him any day.
And carry the crickets.
I will let him watch How It's Made  (the most boring show on television) for our date movie.
I will stand for hours in the hot sun to hear his favorite bands play.
I will even let him leave his bicycle in the living room.
Because I love him.

Okay, I'm absolutely giddy over my new blog design.  At first I was determined to design my blog myself but for some reason, the hours between one and two in the morning just aren't that productive for me.  So, I caved.  And I'm so glad I did!  I love it and I'm just thrilled that Danielle over at The Design Girl caught my dream and made it a reality.  She is amazing. Truly.


Veronica said...

Hi Joye...sorry I haven't left any comments lately. I have read every single one of your posts this week, but I have been SO bad at leaving comments. I always look forward to see the next thing you're going to post about. I love your heart!

Now about your new look...I LOVE IT!!! The pictures of your little ones are precious! Well, I hope you have a wonderful weekend. Happy Mother's Day!!!

Linda said...

Hi Joye, Your new look is marvelous. So light and "Joyeful"!!! I like the bubbles with your precious little ones faces inside. Danielle did a nice job.

That was sweet of your hubby to give your blog a new look for Mother's Day.

I hope you and your sweet family will have a good day together on Sunday.

Happy Mother's Day Joye
Linda @ Truthful Tidbits

Summer said...

LOVE the new design!!!!

He And Me + 3 said...

How sweet. I love the new look. so cute.

Beth in NC said...

Oh, I love it!!! I stole your new button, I hope you'll come get mine too!

WTG Hubby!

Mom2Valerie said...

Love, love, LOVE the new blog! What a sweet gift from your hubby!

I have to tell you I almost started laughing over your letting your hubby leave his bike in the living room...because you will find out soon on my blog that my hubby is an avid biker. When we first started dating he had four things in his living room of his apartment - a TV, a lawn chair, a mountain bike, and a road bike. The road bike stayed in the living room when we got married, because he would often bike inside in the winter or if the weather was really bad. Now he has a whole room in the basement devoted to his biking stuff...and it's off limits to me ;) I'm not as tolerant of bikes in the living room as you are...it drives me CRAZY...especially cuz his biking stuff smells so sweaty...yuck! He loves to try to hug me after an especially muddy bike race. Ah, but I do love him so! ;)

Kristin said...

I LOVE your new blog makeover! What a great gift! I was laughing about the "How Its Made" show....when my husband decides to watch that show, you'll usually find me on my laptop blogging to escape the boredom! LOL!!!! What is it with guys and shows like that? :)

Have a great Mother's Day!!

Kristin said...

I forgot to tell you THANK YOU for putting my button on your blog! You're the best! :)

Dani Joy said...

I love how the babies are soo light they are floating! :) It´s perfectly Joyful! How wonderful! Did you know exactly what you wanted? that to me is the hardest part.
Our hubbies are great! I picked on mine tonight and after reading your post I went to make it up to him. :)

Tricia said...

I love it! I will be grabbing your button!

Have a great Mother's Day!


Carrie said...

What a great guy! It looks awesome! I grabbed your beautiful button! I know what you mean about trying out designs in the late hours of the night! I changed mine, too and it took so long, but not sure it's what I want! It looks fabulous! your kids are too sweet!
Happy Mother's Day!

OilGirl said...

Fabulous blog remodeling! :)

Alleluiabelle said...

Hi Joye,

Thanks for visiting my site. I wanted to stop by and introduce myself to you as well. I absolutely love this new makeover. It's beautiful. What a great Mother's Day gift from your husband. I also enjoyed looking and reading through some of it, even though it is in the wee hours of the morning. I liked it so much that I became a follower of yours and I'm going to add your button to my blog site. I would be honored if you decided to become a follower of mine as well. If you do, would you sign in my guestbook too? I so love meeting so many women out there who love the Lord and I can tell that you are truly one of them.

I look forward to passing by here many more times.


LisaShaw said...

I like the new look a lot!

Happy Mother's Day precious soul. You're a beautiful example of a Christian Mom for your kids. Awesome!

Love ya.

Natalie said...

that pic of you too is stunning. you're gorgeous just so ya know :)


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